Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats – Top 15 Reasons To Consider


There is a question in every pet lover’s mind that which pet is best for them (Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats), A cat or A dog because some people love cats very much & some people love dogs very much & some people love both dog and cat. So how to get a proper answer for this, according to us both pets cat and dog have their own advantages and disadvantages we are unable to directly decide that one is better than the other, But this article is specially written for dogs to explain how dogs differ from cats.

To differentiate cats & dogs we have written the top 15 points below that helps to determine that which will be better for you a CAT or a DOG:

1. Dogs Are Friendly In Nature

If you’re a dog owner then you may be noticed that every time when you and your family spends time together dogs always get very excited and always love to play, cuddle and try to grab your attention to play with them whether the time is day or night it doesn’t matter for them, if you socialize your dog from the puppy phase with other pets & humans then they really become very friendly in nature.

2. Dogs Have Better Feelings

Every experienced dog owner will probably notice that when they are under a heavy stress load, their dogs always do their best to reduce their owner’s stress load by doing various fun activities. Various cases have been reported that when any member of the dog’s family passes away, they become very depressed and sometimes even stop taking their food or water.

3. Dogs Are Loyal

It’s a universal truth that no animal is more loyal than a dog and it’s 100% correct, Just remembered a story of a loyal dog – A beggar who lived by the side of the road and his daily income was probably some money. He loved a stray dog ​​and always gave some food to the dog with his daily earned money. One day he gets sick no one helps him. But that dog brings some food for that beggar from a dustbin. So no one can beat a dog for his loyalty

4. Dogs Are Easy To Train

It is possible to train almost any dog. Some breeds may require a little more patience than others. And even the “most trainable” dogs have their own set of problems. They can, for example, learn negative habits just as quickly as they may learn positive ones. But you can easily train your dogs by showing them love and respect because every dog wants just a little love from its owners.

5. Dogs Are Very Good Comedian

Dogs have several fantastic features that are naturally amusing to us humans. You don’t even have to dress a dog in a clown/ joker costume or any other fancy costume for them to bring a grin to a child’s or adult’s face. It’s the charmingly lovable and funny things they do, the tiny unique features, that make them so delightfully lovable and funny comedians.

6. Dogs Love To Play

Everyone knows that chasing balls, playing with ropes, and being taken for walks expends a lot of energy while also being fun! Play is really important to your dog; they will enjoy batting, chasing, and pouncing on anything from puppyhood to old age! Playing with a dog is, in fact, one of the most enjoyable aspects of keeping one as a pet. It also has excellent health advantages, encouraging your dog to be active, supple, and in good physical shape.

7. Dogs Provide Security

Due to their remarkable sense of smell, dogs are excellent for personal and property protection, as well as detection. They are undeniably excellent companions for both pet owners and law enforcement officers. Security is a very essential need for every owner and a good breed like Dobermann, Rottweiler, German Shepherd provides excellent security to everyone.

8. Dogs Have Various Varieties

There are presently 190 dog breeds on the AKC’s dog breed list. The FCI lists 360 legally recognized breeds across the world. These don’t include experimental breeds that haven’t been given official recognition yet. Mixed-breed dogs, including “designer” crossbreeds like the golden doodle (a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle) and the puggle, are also excluded from official listings (a mix of beagle and pug), People have varieties of options for the breed to choose according to their choice.

9. Dogs Adapt New Things Faster

In general, most dog breeds are very sociable and intelligent and they adjust to a home environment very quickly but don’t panic if any dog breed takes a long time to adjust with you because sometimes it takes a few weeks for your beloved dog to adjust to their new home, friends, and family members. Rather, be their beneficent friend and continue to do the things you know will keep them pleased and happy.

10. Dogs Can Live Without Their Owner

Dogs can easily live without their owners for long periods of time, According to a recent survey most pet dogs can easily adjust their minds without their owners in the home for a few hours or days, even if the owner has to go outside for whatever reason. They can easily stay in any dog ​​shelter for a few days. Most dog breeds are very friendly by nature, so they can live comfortably with your relatives or someone else if you love them.

11. Dogs Do Your Small Works

Dogs are one of the most intellectual pets and are well-known for their clever work. We’ve seen dogs in movies gathering items for their owners, warning their owners to undesirable items, and performing other intriguing tasks. Pet dogs love to work when their owners instruct them, and anybody can simply train their dogs to perform such amazing feats.

12. Dogs Help You With Your Exercise

Owning a dog leads to increased walking and exercise for its owners, according to a new study. Dog owners walk 22 minutes more each day on average than persons without dogs, according to the study. Walking has a number of advantages, including a reduced risk of heart disease and mortality. If you have a dog then it is also great for your fitness because health is wealth and nothing is more important than health.

13. Dogs Can Find Your Lost Things

Dogs are always used by police and special forces to find drugs and bombs, and if you train your dog like a police or sniffer dog, your dog will find your lost items like a professional sniffer because their sense of smell is two thousand times stronger and fifty times more sensitive than a human’s, which is why they are used for a variety of security, guard, and rescue operations.

14. Dogs Are More Healthier

We all get worried when it comes to the health of our pets because we all love our pets so much so choosing a healthy pet is very important. A recent study from 3 research groups identified that dogs are more healthier than cats and it is a little easier to identify diseases in dogs to take action against disease, moreover if you going to adopt a pet for the first time in your life. Adopting a dog would be a great choice as dogs are very friendly and easy to train.

15. Dogs May Be A Good Travel Buddy

Traveling is a part of our life and we always travel from one place to another for work or vacation in that case if you have a dog then it is great for you because traveling is very enjoyable with companions and the dogs are very good pet companions for us. If you have a trained dog then it is more pleasant than you can easily command your dog for anything and dogs also love to travel so having a dog as a travel friend is a great thing.

Conclusion: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

These are the top 15 reasons we have tried to explain about dogs why and how dogs are different from cats as a pet. Both a cat and a dog would be good as a pet, it completely depends on the owner, how they treat them and how much they love them. We have written this article according to our research and it is our own opinion only, not a recommendation.


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